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Lip Gloss Party.

Lip Gloss Party

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Need something new and exciting to go for a girls' slumber party, birthday, or just a night in with the girls. Why not have a lip gloss party? It's perfect to get together and do with friends or just to have a bonding experience. 

The Lip Gloss Party Pack includes:

  • 8 bowls of clear premium lip gloss base
  • 8 bottles of beauty oils
  • 8 containers of colorant
  • 8 plastic spoons
  • 8 60 ml syringes
  • 8 pipettes
  • paper napkins
  • 24 empty lip gloss containers
  • 8 pairs of vinyl gloves
  • 8 party favor gifts
  • an instructional video or zoom meeting

For Ages 11 and up.