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Lip Gloss Party Pack.

Lip Gloss Party Pack

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Need something new and exciting to do for a girls' slumber party, birthday party, or just a night in with the girls. Why not have a lip gloss party? Its perfect to get out of the house and do with friends or just bond and get to know more about each other. The Lip Gloss Party Pack includes:


  • 8 bowls of clear premium lip gloss base
  • 8 bottles of beauty oils
  • 8 containers of colorant
  • 8 plastic spoons
  • 8 60 ml syringes
  • 8 pipettes
  • paper napkins
  • 32 empty lip gloss containers
  • 8 pairs of vinyl gloves
  • 8 party favors gifts
  • an instructional video or zoom meeting